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Tips to Save on Your HVAC Bills

Here at FACE Cooling & Heating, we want to make sure that you spend less money on your HVAC system! Here are some tips for saving energy in Waterloo, Kitchener, Cambridge, and throughout Southern Ontario, no matter what the weather.

  • Keep doors and curtains closed.
    The best way to keep your home the temperature you want is to keep the air inside. A really great tip is to keep your curtains closed since glass is more insulated with another material in front of it. Keep doors shut in areas of your house that you’re not using to maintain the temperature in the rooms you are.
  • Keep your thermostat consistent.
    Find a temperature that’s comfortable for you in each season and try to stick with it. Every degree over a certain amount can add about 10% to your heating bill.
  • Turn off heaters and air conditioning when you don’t need them.
    When you’re going out or going to bed, or even just leaving a room, make sure to turn off your heat or air conditioning wherever or whenever you’re not using it.
  • Keep your roof insulated.
    Making sure your roof has proper insulation goes a long way to reducing your energy bills and making sure you have your home at the temperature that works for you.
  • Have your heating ducts insulated.
    An excellent way to save energy in your home is to keep air moving through your heating ducts. Often the air is lost through the leaks in the heating system.
  • Seal air leaks throughout your home.
    Air can also escape from air leaks in your home. Whether it’s cool AC air in the summer or toasty warm air in the wintertime, keep your house the temperature you want by stopping it from escaping.
  • Keep the area around your radiator clear.
    Your radiator can’t do much if it’s blocked by a couch or a chair. Make sure your heat has a chance to move around the room!
  • Have an insulating blanket installed on old water heaters.
    Older water heaters just aren’t as efficient as new ones. If you can add an insulating blanket, you can reduce heat loss by a significant amount.
  • Replace older, less energy-efficient appliances.
    Older appliances of any type are less energy-efficient than newer ones. Consider replacing certain older appliances.
  • Keep your furnace’s filters clean or new.
    Face Heating & Cooling can supply you with a new furnace filter, but in the meantime, just cleaning it regularly will maintain airflow and keep your system from working harder than it’s designed to.

Contact Face Heating & Cooling today for all your plumbing, furnace, heating, and air conditioning needs.

Words of Appreciations


Helpful and Friendly Staff

“Great service, and very quick to respond. Brent and Dwain are very knowledgeable and straight forward with their answers. I definitely recommend them, I've had nothing but good experiences in the times that I've used them.”

Phil K.

Amazing Service

“Amazing service! Purchased a new furnace a couple months back. Very friendly and helpful. Recently I had to call them because of an error I made and no charge. Highly recommended!”

Kelly L.

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